Munich, Germany

Date Night

Date Night - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

The beginnings of an evening out on the town.

Munich, Germany

Eisbach Surfer

Eisbach Surfer - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

A standing wave in the man-made river provides an opportunity for surfing within the Englischer Garten. A peculiar encounter within the city center.

Munich, Germany

Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

The city center and a small fraction of the park visible from a pathway near the monopteros.

Munich, Germany

View from the Monopteros

View from the Monopteros - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

A leisurely ride through the vast expanses of Englischer Garten.

Munich, Germany


Volkswagen - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

A scene with a palette of complementary colors found on the north side of Munich.

Munich, Germany


7209 - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

The city’s monk pulls into view at Georg-Brauchle-Ring station. Another stop along my self curated tour of Munich’s aesthetically diverse metro stations.

Munich, Germany

Westfriedhof Station II

Westfriedhof Station II - Munich, Germany - Fuji X100F

An arrival into my favorite metro station in Munich.

Munich, Germany


21:45 - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

After the crowds from the day have subsided, the city’s main square takes on a different feeling. A few vendors remain. The bars bordering its edges fill with patrons. Many pass through on their way to their evening destinations. Others pause to meet up with a companion.

Munich, Germany


Egress - Munich, Germany - Fuji X100F

From the corridors of orange and blue subway tile, one eventually emerges into the main hall of the Marienplatz Station. Mirror like staircases reflect the happenings above and the dominant color shifts from orange to red.

Munich, Germany

U-Bahn Rider II

U-Bahn Rider II - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

Time for contemplation somewhere below the streets of Munich.