Prague, Czech Republic

Sheltered by the Storm

Sheltered by the Storm - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X-T3

A temporary canopy of umbrellas and raincoats is created by those making their way across the cobblestones.

Prague, Czech Republic

Empty 23

Empty 23 - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X-T3

As the only rider of this particular tram, by default, it becomes my personal tour guide through the rainy streets of Prague.

Prague, Czech Republic

Temporary Distraction

Temporary Distraction - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X-T3

The weather doing little to abate the common stance assumed worldwide while in the midst of waiting for something.

Prague, Czech Republic

Precarious Glasses

Precarious Glasses - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X-T3

A typical scene of the underground. The ebb and flow of people just departing a train and those looking to catch the next one move through the station. A brief break within the procession of those descending below street level calls attention to details in an individual that might otherwise go missed. In this case, a collage of fabric texture and optics hanging from his neck one mishap away from destruction.

Prague, Czech Republic

Metro Ascent

Metro Ascent - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X100F

From the caverns of the Prague metro to the streets above, a gray envelops a cool spring day in the city.

Prague, Czech Republic

Rainy Day Tram

Rainy Day Tram - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X-T3

My final day in Prague was accompanied by infinite hues of gray and a constant presence of rain. My only plans for the day were to visit Hugo chodí bos for a souvenir for my soon to be born daughter, enjoy a few more pints of Czech beer, and shoot some photographs. I hopped on and off the trams to get a break from the rain and obtain a different perspective of the checkerboard of cobblestone streets cleaned by the day’s shower. The elusive 23 passes by in the opposite direction.

Prague, Czech Republic

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X-T3

The trees on the grounds bordering the cathedral only provide brief shelter from a day filled with rain and gray skies.

Prague, Czech Republic

Commute Contemplation

Commute Contemplation - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X-T3

A moment of pause while other passengers scurry on and off the momentarily paused tram.

Prague, Czech Republic

Waiting for a Fare

Waiting for a Fare - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X-T3

A moment between one customer and the next spent commiserating with his colleagues while giving the side-eye to the asshole with the camera.

Prague, Czech Republic

Tesla Radio

Tesla Radio - Prague, Czech Republic - Fuji X100F

An elaborate advertisement from a bygone era remains on display within a nondescript arcade in Prague.