Hong Kong

Kwong Fuk Ancestral Hall

Kwong Fuk Ancestral Hall - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

It is hard to convey the smell and sound of such a site. We encountered these large incense coils in a few of the temples and ancestral halls near our accommodations in Sheung Wan. To me, the scent they produced that drifted through nearby alleys and streets represented something tangible for the memory of those whose honor these were lit. While inside, the amount of smoke would be overwhelming. A constant drone of numerous fans would dull ambient noise from the city and attempt to provide a breath of fresh air to those inside.

Hong Kong

Frog Stamp

Frog Stamp - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

Throughout Hong Kong exist pockets of specialized individuals and storefronts offering uniquely tailored services. Sometimes a lone vendor on a corner, other times an alleyway or block dedicated to a particular craft. Crisscrossing our way through the narrow alleyways, sidewalks and stairs in Sheung Wan we pass this vendor selling stamps and other related ephemera.

Hong Kong

Hillier Street Produce Stand I

Hillier Street Produce Stand I - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

The produce stands of Hillier Street were the bookends to our days in Hong Kong. Open when we would pass by in the morning and often still doing business in the evening when we returned from the day’s adventures.

Hong Kong

Shau Kei Wan

Shau Kei Wan - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

Two prototypical forms of Hong Kong transit pass by the Kam Wa Street Wet Market during the evening rush hour.

Hong Kong

Kam Wa Street Wet Market IV

Kam Wa Street Wet Market IV - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

I’m constantly drawn to markets like these in my travels because they provide a candid view into daily life in the locations I am visiting. The constant chaos, movement, and noise serves as a thin veil to my presence in a foreign space as an enamored witness. For a brief moment, my mind wanders from reality allowing me to be a resident of this fine city.

Hong Kong

Kam Wa Street Wet Market III

Kam Wa Street Wet Market III - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

A gap between the stalls that line the streets utilized by this market provides a glimpse at the vendors who have established their presence on the ground level of the surrounding buildings. The narrow alleyway between stalls and buildings restricts the movement of patrons to a limited area at times making this area more chaotic than the middle of the street. The sights, smells, sounds and textures of this area are amplified as a result of the variety of vendors who occupy these storefronts and require the infrastructure they provide.

Hong Kong

Vendor Lights

Vendor Lights - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

A common thread found amongst the vendors of Hong Kong and the photos I took while exploring the city were these utilitarian lamps. Something so simple yet when grouped together and illuminated they add a vibrancy to the happenings of street markets I was drawn to. For the vendor they focus the eye on their items for sale. For me, they helped create a focal point on the primary subject matter in addition to casting subdued glow on the immediate surroundings.

Hong Kong

Kam Wa Street Wet Market II

Kam Wa Street Wet Market II - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

Market stands throughout Hong Kong are often brightly illuminated and full of color. They become a stage for the proprietor to sell their goods. Some letting their offerings speak for themselves. Other vendors competing for the attention of passing patrons with attempts to out shout one another with indications of daily specials, unique items, or declarations of ‘buy from me’.

Hong Kong

Kam Wa Street Wet Market I

Kam Wa Street Wet Market I - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

Prior to getting back on the MTR after our day of hiking and exploring Shek O, we procured some fruit from this market in Shau Kei Wan for the next morning’s breakfast. I try to avoid absolutes like favorite or best, but I was really drawn to this market. Kam Wa embodied what we came to learn was the typical setup for a Hong Kong Street Market. ‘Temporary’ stalls line the edges of the street and behind them are permanent storefronts, restaurants and residences.

Lifeguard Tower No.3

Lifeguard Tower No.3

The life guard towers of Shek O beach utilize a mosaic of tiles adorning their exteriors. The stark contrast of blue tiles creating the large typography used to identify each of the lookouts.