Poznań, Poland

Man and Nature

Evening arrives. The red striping of a chimney in the distance peaks above the foliage of Park Cytadela.

Poznań, Poland

Wolności Square

Wolności Square - Poznań, Poland - Fuji X-T3

A faraway stare as she awaits the arrival of the next tram.

Poznań, Poland

Plac Wielkopolski

Plac Wielkopolski - Poznań, Poland - Fuji X-T3

Tending to the final transactions of the day prior to the market’s mid-afternoon closing time.

Poznań, Poland

Poznań Cathedral

Poznań Cathedral - Poznań, Poland - Fuji X-T3

The spires of the city’s cathedral play a game of hide and seek as we wander around the quaint island.

Poznań, Poland

Spring Transition

Spring Transition - Poznań, Poland - Fuji X-T3

The morning air still crisp. Winter remains a recent memory as spring fights to make its presence permanent.

Poznań, Poland

Old Market Square

Old Market Square - Poznań, Poland - Fuji X-T3

As fate would have it, last spring I found myself making my way to Poland. The enigma of the internet allowing for a spur of the moment introduction to newly acquainted family members. Our separation resulting from my Dziadzia’s immigration to the United States after World War II. Its quite the feeling to arbitrarily wake up one day to correspondence from family of which I had no knowledge of the night prior when I fell asleep. I surmise that few in this world are afforded the opportunity to visit their ancestral lands, let alone in the company, generous hospitality, and guidance of their relatives. The next 60+ photographs are captures created from my time in the county. Their thesis to encapsulate the day-to-day life of a country I’m lucky and to have visited. My gratitude, appreciation, and love to my family unable to be expressed in words beyond these.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Frenchman Buskers II

Frenchman Buskers II - New Orleans, Louisiana - Fuji X100F

An exemplification of the spirit of New Orleans reflected in an alternate angle of one of my favorite scenes we encountered in the city to conclude this series.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Edge of the French Quarter

Edge of the French Quarter - New Orleans, Louisiana - Fuji X100F

A vignette exemplifying the details, textures, and colors found within this particular district of the city.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Textures of Time

Textures of Time - New Orleans, Louisiana - Fuji X100F

Though faded, worn, and a little rough around the edges, its inherit beauty still remains. A visual metaphor for my impressions of New Orleans formulated during my time there.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Oldsmobile - New Orleans, Louisiana - Fuji X100F

Giving the passage of time a run for its money, this car bears witness to the history of New Orleans.