Warsaw, Poland

Morning Fog

Morning Fog - Warsaw, Poland - Fuji X100F

Downpours of rain and fog greeted the start to the day in Warsaw. From a receding blanket of gray, the omnipresent Palace of Culture and Science slowly begins to reveal itself.

Warsaw, Poland

Trattoria Rucola

Trattoria Rucola - Warsaw, Poland - Fuji X100F

A side street in Old Town providing a space to enjoy the early evening outside.

Warsaw, Poland

Lody & Gofry

Lody & Gofry - Warsaw, Poland - Fuji X-T3

A window on a pedestrian thoroughfare remains open to provide the final snack of the evening.

Warsaw, Poland

Dusk in Old Town

Dusk in Old Town - Warsaw, Poland - Fuji X100F

Family and friends enjoy a spring evening in Warsaw. Their crisscrossing pathways through Old Town illuminated by the lingering twilight and the ambient light produced by the nearby shops and cafes.

Warsaw, Poland

A Stroll Between Friends

A Stroll Between Friends - Warsaw, Poland - Fuji X-T3

Two acquaintances pass in front of the Royal Castle as they make their way through Old Town Warsaw.

Warsaw, Poland

Old Town Handbill

Old Town Handbill - Warsaw, Poland - Fuji X-T3

Stationary amidst the flow of visitors through one of the focal points of the city.

Warsaw, Poland

Stare Miasto

Stare Miasto - Warsaw, Poland - Fuji X100F

Dusk falls on Warsaw and the crowds occupying the square recede from the midday flurry of activity generated by the vendors, street performers, locals, and tourists visiting the space.

Warsaw, Poland

Stiletto Tourist

Stiletto Tourist - Warsaw, Poland - Fuji X100F

Elegantly dressed for a stroll through Warsaw Old Town.

Warsaw, Poland

Wilanów Palace

Wilanów Palace - Warsaw, Poland - Fuji X100F

The Baroque style palace framed by its lush manicured grounds and a looming afternoon rain shower.

Between Poznań and Warsaw

Rapeseed in Bloom

Rapeseed in Bloom - Between Poznań and Warsaw - Fuji X100F

Transiting from Poznań to Warsaw via train in the early morning, we pass through a foggy countryside filled with hues of gray and green. Fields of blooming rapeseeds intersperse sporadic flashes of yellow.