Munich, Germany

Line up from the Right

Line up from the Right - Munich, Germany - Fuji X100F

A purveyor of basic snacks provides rudimentary sustenance to the late evening commuters.

Munich, Germany


U3 - Munich, Germany - Fuji X100F

I found a certain uniqueness and nostalgia in the appearance of some of Munich’s metro cars like this one. I was drawn to the analog flip-board signage and the blue and white paint scheme. The interiors with their faux wood paneling transported me to a time period other than the one I presently occupied.

Munich, Germany

Maximilian Bridge

Maximilian Bridge - Munich, Germany - Fuji X100F

Watching the passersby cross over the Isar.

Munich, Germany

Deutsche Bahn Conductor

Deutsche Bahn Conductor - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

I miss simple moments such as these and the excitement the bring to me. Benign to many, intriguing to me. Witnessing the world beyond where I live has been the greatest privilege of my life. Something that I never felt I took for granted, however, after nearly year of being stuck at home, I question whether I appreciated moments such as these to their fullest. I look forward to the next journey, though, I fear it will not be soon enough.

Munich, Germany


Löwengrube - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

A brief lunch break consisting of a smoke and additional screen time.

Munich, Germany


Kurfürstenplatz - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

A morning stroll through a Munich neighborhood on a quiet Sunday morning.

Munich, Germany

Central Bustle

Central Bustle - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

Through breaks between engines and cars, those departing the station’s latest arrival observed.

Munich, Germany

Tyrolean Vignette

Tyrolean Vignette - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

A sartorial glimpse of the region.

Munich, Germany

Sunday Morning Conversations

Sunday Morning Conversations - Munich, Germany - Fuji X100F

A stopping point along their journey as they meander their way through a weekend morning.

Munich, Germany


DB - Munich, Germany - Fuji X100F

An engine waits to depart on its next journey from Munich Central Station.