Munich, Germany

Alter Botanischer Garten

Alter Botanischer Garten - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

The defining feature of Munich’s skyline framed by the entrance to this park.

Munich, Germany

Somewhere Near the Isar

Somewhere Near the Isar - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

My impression of central Munich encapsulated in an image. In the midst of a large city, quiet corners allowing moments for contemplation and the enjoyment of the morning spring light.

Munich, Germany

Last Remaining Light

Last Remaining Light - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

Bands of light slowly meander their way through Munich’s Central Station. Each platform becoming its own makeshift stage. Those passing through momentarily illuminated in the afternoon’s spotlight.

Munich, Germany

Flag of Bavaria

Flag of Bavaria - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

A found Munich alleyway on the way to a morning coffee.

Munich, Germany

Westfriedhof Station I

Westfriedhof Station I - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

A stop along a self curated tour of Munich’s aesthetically diverse metro stations.

Munich, Germany


München - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

A train bearing the name of the city it just arrived in empties its passengers into the station.

Munich, Germany


Spargel - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

The berries attracted my attention more than the seasonal asparagus did.

Munich, Germany

Pfingst – Rosen

Pfingst – Rosen - Munich, Germany - Fuji X100F

Touches of spring reach through the city center of Munich.

Munich, Germany

Missed Connection

Missed Connection - Munich, Germany - Fuji X-T3

Among the platforms of Munich Central Station trains arrive and depart at a steady pace. Passengers and their narratives intermingle and cross paths. The romanticism of travel still alive. Travelers excitedly transit to their next destination. Commuters rush to their next meeting. Lovers anxiously wait to reunite.

Munich, Germany

Considered Selection

Considered Selection - Munich, Germany - Fuji X100F

A bouquet of flowers selected to complete the ensemble for the day’s occasion.