I create unapologetic narrative based travel, creative, and lifestyle photography. The following photographs capture moments I am privileged to have witnessed. My goal is not to search out perfect light or limit myself to shooting at golden hour nor do I lurk in the shadows with a telephoto lens. Most important to me is to capture images that convey the story of the experiences I’ve had in lands afar and at home.

This initial version of this site is intentionally simplistic. Photographs are posted roughly in the order that they were captured and refined with the latest below this statement. Thank you for viewing my work, you can read more about it here or follow along on Instagram if more convenient.

Tres Piedras, New Mexico

Left on 64

Left on 64 - Tres Piedras, New Mexico - Fuji X-T3

We ramble south into New Mexico. Four lanes gladly traded for two.

Lima, Peru

Huaca Pucllana

Huaca Pucllana - Lima, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

The historic existing alongside the contemporary.

Lima, Peru

Peru Combi III

Peru Combi III - Lima, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

One final ride of chance before heading back to the Northern Hemisphere.

Lima, Peru

Calle de Pescaderia

Calle de Pescaderia - Lima, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

10 years past, and still one of my favorite street signs that I’ve encountered.

Lima, Peru


Pare - Lima, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

The beaches traded for one last lap of the city.

Paracas, Peru

Air Dry

Air Dry - Paracas, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

The midday sun assists with the daily chores.

Paracas, Peru


ZS125-A - Paracas, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

The open roads await.

Paracas, Peru

Playa Lagunilla de las Algas

Playa Lagunilla de las Algas - Paracas, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

One by one, fishing boats drop anchor for their midday break.

Paracas, Peru

Timeless Road

Timeless Road - Paracas, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

With the lack of rain this coastline receives, a road carved into the sand could last as long as the region’s prehistoric drawings found throughout the landscape.

Paracas, Peru

Ballestas Islands National Reserve

Ballestas Islands National Reserve - Paracas, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

A refuge encountered just off the west coast of Peru.