I create unapologetic narrative based travel, creative, and lifestyle photography. The following photographs capture moments I am privileged to have witnessed. My goal is not to search out perfect light or limit myself to shooting at golden hour nor do I lurk in the shadows with a telephoto lens. Most important to me is to capture images that convey the story of the experiences I’ve had in lands afar and at home.

This initial version of this site is intentionally simplistic. Photographs are posted roughly in the order that they were captured and refined with the latest below this statement. Thank you for viewing my work, you can read more about it here or follow along on Instagram if more convenient.

Hong Kong

Monster Building III

Monster Building III - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

Nearly obscured from view, a woman hangs her laundry out to dry from an apartment window. A simple task demonstrating how easy the individual becomes inconspicuous within the massive scale of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Monster Building Fish Vendor

Monster Building Fish Vendor - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

Within the shadow of this massive complex of buildings exists a city going about the day to day. Quintessential red Hong Kong vendor lamp shades encapsulate lights illuminating the forthcoming evening’s dinner.

Hong Kong

Monster Building II

Monster Building II - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

The size of this complex enamored me and I still have trouble comprehending its volume and the amount of people living in it. At certain points such as this, its facade occupies the totality of one’s field of vision. The people, cars, and Ding Ding’s that circulate around its exterior are dwarfed by its massive scale.

Hong Kong

Monster Building I

Monster Building I - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

On this particular day, we meandered from Sheung Wan to Quarry Bay with little purpose other than wandering the side streets, riding the tramway, and stopping at a few culinary spots on our map. Our turnaround point being the massive five building complex colloquially referred to as ‘Monster Building’.

Hong Kong

Late Summer Errands

Late Summer Errands - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

As the summer wains, its heat maintains its grip on the city. Daily errands made slightly more bearable by the utilization of a bicycle and as little clothing as necessary.

Hong Kong

Ding Ding Reflection

Ding Ding Reflection - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

Through a canyon of skyscrapers a constant stream of Ding Dings flow through the heart of Hong Kong Island. The reflection in the window of the current departure revealing the stop’s next arrival.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Intersection

Hong Kong Intersection - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

Contrasting the narrow alleys and streets of Hong Kong are large thoroughfares that wind their way through all areas of the city and beyond. The city’s elevated pedestrian walkways provided unique vantage points of these areas visually identified by a yellow crosshatch pattern. In this instance, we paused for a few moments to watch the ubiquitous taxi cabs and public buses pass through on their way to their destinations.

Hong Kong

Poultry Store

Poultry Store - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

A moment of lightheartedness towards the end of a day in a poultry store/restaurant in Kowloon. As I’ve touched on previously, one of my favorite aspects of Hong Kong was moments such as these mixed into such a vast city. Amongst a city evolving at an exponential rate, there will always be moments of the analog. Cooks finishing their day as they did the day before and as they will do tomorrow. Prices and offerings displayed via a hand written sign taped to the facade of the store. A storefront illuminated by track lighting. I write these words from a perspective of admiration. A reason for going to the other side of the world is to simply walk by moments such as these. I live in a small city compared to the definition of what a city is in Asia and being there is literally being in another world for a person like me. I cannot wait for the day I get to return.

Hong Kong

Rainy Evening in Kowloon

Rainy Evening in Kowloon - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

After a dinner of clay pot rice, we wandered around the side streets of Kowloon for a short while longer. Rain that had cleared around sunset returned stronger than before for the remainder of the night. Respite never came and with my wife’s patience with me wearing thin I tried my best to capture an evening in this part of the city. In this instance a poultry store/restaurant illuminates an otherwise dark and sleepy street corner.

Hong Kong

Neon Pawn Sign

Neon Pawn Sign - Hong Kong - Fuji X100F

A neon pawn shop sign dimly illuminates the facade of a building in Kowloon. Abstractly visualizing a bat holding a coin, they are a common element found throughout all areas of Hong Kong. Some utilizing LED lights but my favorite variations were those lit with neon.