I create unapologetic narrative based travel, creative, and lifestyle photography. The following photographs capture moments I am privileged to have witnessed. My goal is not to search out perfect light or limit myself to shooting at golden hour nor do I lurk in the shadows with a telephoto lens. Most important to me is to capture images that convey the story of the experiences I’ve had in lands afar and at home.

This initial version of this site is intentionally simplistic. Photographs are posted roughly in the order that they were captured and refined with the latest below this statement. Thank you for viewing my work, you can read more about it here or follow along on Instagram if more convenient.

Cusco, Peru

Dusty Cobblestones

Dusty Cobblestones - Cusco, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

We continued our exploration in Cusco. The cosmopolitan boulevards of Lima traded for meandering dusty cobblestone streets crisscrossing through a city nestled in a valley of the Andes. Though accustomed to living at altitude, its elevation caused us to slow our pace.

Lima, Peru

Open Air Gallery

Open Air Gallery - Lima, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Artists and vendors display artwork for sale in a square somewhere in Lima.

Lima, Peru

Peruvian Palette

Peruvian Palette - Lima, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Vibrant yet weathered. Vivid and washed out all at once.

Lima, Peru


Cliffs - Lima, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

The Pacific Ocean separated from the city of Lima by a coastline comprised of weathered cliffs.

Lima, Peru


Miraflores - Lima, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Hide and seek with a brief acquaintance made in Lima.

Lima, Peru


Decade - Lima, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Time to look to the past and a trip to Peru a decade ago. A set of photos that gathered digital dust on a harddrive. Life got in their way and all it took for me to work on them was a year+ without travel. One day we’ll leave this country, until then, I’ll do so in my mind.

Denver, Colorado

Park Hill in Winter III

Park Hill in Winter III - Denver, Colorado - Fuji X-T3

Alone with the storm and its welcomed silence.

Denver, Colorado

Park Hill in Winter II

Park Hill in Winter II - Denver, Colorado - Fuji X-T3

A corner we pass through almost daily transformed into an otherworldly scene.

Denver, Colorado

Park Hill in Winter I

Park Hill in Winter I - Denver, Colorado - Fuji X-T3

The peak of a winter storm captured on a quintessential Park Hill block. A lonely bus makes its way unencumbered down 23rd Avenue despite the rapidly accumulating precipitation.

Littleton, Colorado

Winter Reflections

Winter Reflections - Littleton, Colorado - Fuji X100F

Scenes of the season reflected in an old glass window pane.