David Hilgier Photographs

A Day Up North

Longmont and Niwot, Colorado | 2023.09.02

New and old experiences on one of Summer’s final Saturdays. Visual textures and seasonal tastes found and relished at Ya Ya Farm and Orchard. The St. Vrain provided moments of respite from the soon to be retreating seasonal heat. And a drive through the farms and fields with a pit stop at Fritz Family Brewers ended our day.

Apples Ready for Harvesting
A Grasshopper on an Apple Tree
Apple Tree in an Orchard
Sunflowers and Old Farm Infrastructure
Old Farm Equipment
Derelict Silo
Hopeful Donkey Wishing for Snacks
Ya Ya Orchard Sign
Picked Apples in Boxes
U-Pick Flowers Sign
Flowers at Ya Ya Farm and Orchard
My Daughter Exploring the St. Vrain Creek
A.M. Dodd and Sons Barn
Sheep Grazing in a Field
A.M. Dodd and Sons Farm
Sunflowers on the Side of Niwot Road
A.M. Dodd and Sons Farm

Crabapple Blossoms

Denver, Colorado | 2023.05.01

The cycle’s of life seemingly revolve faster and faster. Some years for a few fleeting moments we’re gifted with a couple of days where our home’s facade is obscured by a wash of pink complemented by a sweet aroma filling the air. Within a few more moments the wash of pink will give way to a field of green only to be replaced by oranges and browns. We do our best to enjoy these seasonal gifts.

Denver Crabapple Blossom
Lucy the Blur
Springtime Crabapple Blossom

Evening in Our Garden

Denver, Colorado | 2023.04.23

Tending to the changes of the season in the early evening of a Spring day.

The Boss
Dandelion Picking
Fresh Dirt
Tools of the Trade
The Supervisor
Carrot Seeds
Planting Seeds
Hop Vines
Yard Decor

Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Tabernash, Colorado | 2023.02.24 – 2023.02.27

A long weekend away from the march of daily life. The moments of peace and quiet relished. The pace of the days considerably different when not dictated by the energy of a three year old.

Devil's Thumb Ranch
Grand County Sunset
Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort Building
Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort Building
Self Portrait at Devil's Thumb Ranch
Devil's Thumb Piste Machine
Pathway Light at Sundown
Hotel Room In Morning Light
Cabin Creek Stables and Mt. Jasper
Breakfast Time for the Horses
Stacks of Hay in a Field of Snow
Trail Groomers Getting Some Rest
Old School Trail Groomer
Ranch Equipment
Blue Extra Cross-Country Ski Trail
Devil's Thumb Fat Biking
Fat Bike and Aspen Meadow
Fraser Ski Fence
Orange Ski Bus
Fat Bike and Cross-country Ski Racks
Evergreen’s Covered in Morning Frost
Trail Runner
Devil's Thumb Cabin
Winter Park and Berthoud Pass Seen From Fraser Valley
Abandoned Yurt


Trinidad, Colorado | 2022.12.09 – 2022.12.12

Spent my 41st birthday in Trinidad, Colorado. A new to me place in the state. The wind was relentless and a constant companion to our visit. The town a trove of obscured details, textures and other visual interests. Within the same moment it could feel warm and welcoming yet cold and foreign. The weathered and dusty hues of blues, oranges, yellows and browns that followed us all weekend furthered this feeling while signaling the eminent forthcoming embrace of winter.

Simpson's Rest
New and Old Signage Painted on Brick
Simpson's Rest Sign Poles
Fishers Peak View From Simpson's Rest
Simpson's Rest Sign Detail
Holy Trinity School Basketball Hoop
Sebastiani Gym
Yield Sign In Downtown Trinidad
Old Scoreboard in a Field
Mrs. Erin in the Trinidad Wind
Weathered Signage and Advertising Painted on Brick
Trinidad Bricks
Rear Facade
E. Elm Street
First National Bank Trinidad
Illuminated Street Lamp and Boarded Up Building
Simpson's Rest Sign
An Old Rusty Green Truck
Derelict Grocery Store Outside of Trinidad
Southern Colorado Landscape with Fishers Peak in the Background
Old Trinidad Railroad Station
Old General Store in Weston
Rusty Building in Weston
Cuchara Pass
Cuchara Pass Looking East
Colorado Highway 12 and Scenic Byway Signs
Cuchara Mailboxes
Rough Mountain
La Veta Fields
White Compact Truck and Trailer

Lost at Sea

Seattle, Washington | 2022.10.14 – 2022.10.19

A trip of firsts. My first time visiting Seattle. Our first time on an airplane since the pandemic. My daughter's first time on an airplane period. More importantly for her: first oysters, ferryrides, and glimpses of the coast. All things we'd anticipated happening years ago. In the end, our time further West was a learning experience figuring out how to navigate travel outside of a roadtrip as three not two. A continual coming to terms that what once was will never be again. Constantly being reminded to slow our pace.

Kerry Park Vista
Mount Rainier as Seen Arriving Into Seattle
Seaplane Parked at Dock in Lake Union
Geese and Seaplane in Lake Union
Pike Place Market Flower Vendor
Aurora Bridge
Old Shell Sign in a Ballard Marina
Ballard Marina Textures
Ballard Locks
Public Market Center Sign
City Fish Market Sign
Chihuly Garden and Glass
Seattle Skyline as Seen From Kerry Park
Queen Anne Radio Tower
Moore Hotel Signage
Seatle Fire Station 5
Pier 46 in Fog
Bainbridge Island Ferry Passenger
Bainbridge Island Ferry Lifering
Foggy Bainbridge Island Arrival
Foggy Silhouettes
Ferry Slip No. 2
Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park Sign
Sailboat Amongst the Fog
Tsunami Hazard Zone Sign
Midday Ferry Arrival Into Bainbridge
Bainbridge Ferry Detail
Seaplane Over Kite Hill
Gas Works Park
Gas Works Park Detail
Space Needle with Fall Leaves

National Western Stock Show

Denver, Colorado | 2023.01.14

Scenes from my visit to this year's National Western Stock Show. An event that I frequented more during my childhood than in my adulthood. In this visit, I appreciate its unchanged aesthetic and feeling invoked from those childhood memories. Muddy, weathered, faded, kitschy and loud all at once. As I meandered through for a day, I wonder how long that will last. Parts of the complex have been transformed into a shiny new setup and this redevelopment seemingly will soon envelope the entire area. Progress is great, I guess. What's better? Getting lost in decades old buildings and the momentary feeling that time has stood still.

Individual Grooming a Cow at the National Western Stock Show
Longhorn at the National Western Stock Show
Longhorn in a Paddock
Longhorn Next to I70
An attendee looks at their cellphone while vaping
Cowboy Boots for Sale at the National Western Stock Show
Electrical Cords on a Dolly
Cow Being Groomed
Person Grooming a Cow
Chicken Tenders Food Vendor
Stock Show Patrons Walking Past Food Vendors
Paddocks and Water Tower
Ribbon in the Horse Paddocks
Father and Daughter Walking Their Cow
2023 National Western Stock Show Photograph Backdrop