I create unapologetic narrative based travel, creative, and lifestyle photography. The following photographs capture moments I am privileged to have witnessed. My goal is not to search out perfect light or limit myself to shooting at golden hour nor do I lurk in the shadows with a telephoto lens. Most important to me is to capture images that convey the story of the experiences I’ve had in lands afar and at home.

This initial version of this site is intentionally simplistic. Photographs are posted roughly in the order that they were captured and refined with the latest below this statement. Thank you for viewing my work, you can read more about it here or follow along on Instagram if more convenient.

Camaná, Peru


PH1643 - Camaná, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

A rest stop fitting for its surroundings.

Camaná, Peru

Spots of Shade

Spots of Shade - Camaná, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Outposts of respite from the afternoon sun recede into the distance along the arid coastline.

Camaná, Peru

Memories Past

Memories Past - Camaná, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Slowly relinquishing themselves to the surrounding landscape.

Camaná, Peru

Beach Snacks

Beach Snacks - Camaná, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

A vendor makes their way between outposts of visitors to the desolate coastline.

Arequipa, Peru

Red Bug

Red Bug - Arequipa, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Scenes of the bleached landscape and city reflected in an automotive classic.

Arequipa, Peru


Volcano - Arequipa, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

The textures, materials and colors of Arequipa.

Arequipa, Peru


Newsstand - Arequipa, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Camouflaged amongst her offerings of magazines, papers, comics and snacks.

Lake Titicaca, Peru


Yegua - Lake Titicaca, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Horse takes some well needed with her friends.

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Lake Sunset

Lake Sunset - Lake Titicaca, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

The most efficient path home atop the island finds its way through the fields prepped for the next crop. The backdrop of one of the few villages on the island, the sacred lake and the high mountains of Bolivia in the background catch only my attention. A common thread that weaves its way through all my photos. The everyday and mundane to one is awe inspiring to another.

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane - Lake Titicaca, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

One of our gracious hosts during our stay on the lake. I remember his energy, enthusiasm, curiosity and whistle.