The first version of this site is intentionally simplistic. Instead of getting caught up in the minutiae of its organization, functionality, and design, I’ve opted to first focus on the culling and editing of my photography. The latter has been a struggle of mine, therefore, my goal is to improve those attributes of my craft. My hope is to expand this site as time passes to be more robust in its presentation, but this initial version specifically exists to force me to improve what happens to my images after they are taken. They have no purpose hidden from view on a hard drive, thus, I intend this to be the foundation of their existence beyond that. Photographs are posted roughly in the order that they were captured and refined with the latest below this statement. No other hierarchy is initially implied other than the importance of the passage of time. Thank you for viewing my work.

Inverness Shipwreck - Inverness, California - Fuji X100F
Petaluma’s Choice - Petaluma, California - Fuji X100F
Sunflower Bouquet - Petaluma, California - Fuji X100F
Russian River Brewing Pup - Santa Rosa, California - Fuji X100F
Carmet Beach - Bodega Bay, California - Fuji X100F
Sonoma County Crossroads - Valley Ford, California - Fuji X100F
Shoreline Highway - Hamlet, California - Fuji X100F
Fallon Two Rock Road - Petaluma, California - Fuji X100F
Garden Retreat I - Petaluma, California - Fuji X100F
Hummingbird Feeder - Petaluma, California - Fuji X100F