I create unapologetic narrative based travel, creative, and lifestyle photography. The following photographs capture moments I am privileged to have witnessed. My goal is not to search out perfect light or limit myself to shooting at golden hour nor do I lurk in the shadows with a telephoto lens. Most important to me is to capture images that convey the story of the experiences I’ve had in lands afar and at home.

This initial version of this site is intentionally simplistic. Photographs are posted roughly in the order that they were captured and refined with the latest below this statement. Thank you for viewing my work, you can read more about it here or follow along on Instagram if more convenient.

Juliaca, Peru

Street Market

Street Market - Juliaca, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Peak time at an open air market on a Juliaca side street.

Southern Peru

Valley Path

Valley Path - Southern Peru - Canon EOS XTi

Two walk on a trail etched into a highland valley by countless others prior to them.

Southern Peru

Heladeria Advert

Heladeria Advert - Southern Peru - Canon EOS XTi

The painted signage for advertising and political campaigning constantly caught my eye while traveling through the countryside. A favorite from the trip backs a scene of everyday life somewhere near Juliaca, Peru.

Southern Peru

Open Road

Open Road - Southern Peru - Canon EOS XTi

An even more precarious ride south to Juliaca.

Southern Peru

Mountain Pass Souvenir Stand

Mountain Pass Souvenir Stand - Southern Peru - Canon EOS XTi

A stop for souvenirs and a piss at the top of the world.

Southern Peru

Salida de Emergencia

Salida de Emergencia - Southern Peru - Canon EOS XTi

A lasting memory of my time in Peru were our precarious drives through the country by bus and automobile. Winding single lane roads through high mountains at higher than desirable speeds with continually captivating views. Motion sickness medication only a somewhat helpful remedy for the carsickness endured.

Southern Peru

Utilitarian Vendor

Utilitarian Vendor - Southern Peru - Canon EOS XTi

She utilizes the tools at hand to distribute her offering to those passing through a small village in southern Peru.

Aguas Calientes, Peru

Delayed IV

Delayed IV - Aguas Calientes, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

An extended connection.

Aguas Calientes, Peru

Delayed III

Delayed III - Aguas Calientes, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

A chance to be productive.

Aguas Calientes, Peru

Delayed II

Delayed II - Aguas Calientes, Peru - Canon EOS XTi

A moment of rest.